Mortar breaks new super-social Golden Gate University website.


By Egotist / / Mortar has launched a new website for Golden Gate University that features topical “conversation channels” – letting GGU’s thousands of students and faculty plus 68,000 discuss major topics of the day. “Golden Gate University’s culture of ideas and innovation needed an outlet to express itself,” said Tim Spry, Creative Director and Partner at Mortar. “Our intent was to create channels that make it easy for all GGU leaders, students, faculty and alumni to come together, share their knowledge and expertise, and connect with others in the Bay and nation that care about the same topics. It gives everyone a way to chime in on leading higher education, business, economics and political conversations of the day.”


  1. sally July 6, 2012

    If you ask me I believe that
    If you ask me I believe that every university should have a similar system. I had the chance to use a similar system while I was studying for my engineering degree and it was very helpful in so many ways.