Razorfish Designers Launched “Young & United”


By Egotist / / Sean Metcalf and Benjamin Lebovitz, designer and interactive designer, respectively, at Razorfish Atlanta are making an attempt at their own creative, patriotic effort via a new clothing line dubbed Young & United. Metcalf and Lebovitz, who have been at Razorfish’s ATL office for a year, are off to a quick start of making their dreams a reality to create apparel that is backed by this mission statement: “We need to get back to what America is best at– making things right here in the US at a quality that can’t be beat. Over the last year, we’ve been working to do just that. We want to supply the American Dreamers of today and tomorrow with the highest quality, Made in America products to show that this generation is Young&United. From fashionable men’s and women’s apparel, to leather-crafted goods, and pro-American artworks- everything is made right here in the US. Together we can spark a movement in US Manufacturing and set a standard for doing things right.”