Hub Strategy wins 49ers account.


By Egotist / / Hub Strategy just announced that they have been hired by the San Francisco 49ers as their advertising agency of record. They will develop and produce outdoor, television, social, and digital advertising for the 49ers. “Not too long ago, I noticed an outdoor campaign that really impressed me,” said Ali Towle, Director of Marketing for the San Francisco 49ers. “After a little digging, I found out that it was Hub’s work.” Hub Strategy was invited to pitch for the 49ers along with several other Bay Area agencies and Hub ultimately prevailed. “I like that they think strategically first, and then the creative serves the strategy,” said Towle. “I consider myself a San Franciscan,” said D.J. O’Neil, Founder and Co-Creative Director at Hub Strategy. “My wife and I have lived in the city for more than 20 years; both of our kids were born here; and I think the Bay Area is the center of the universe. When you look at the history of this area, and see the role the 49ers have played… well, I’ll skip my normal smart-ass comments and tell the truth: I’m thrilled.”

  1. Courtney Buechert June 24, 2013

    Good for the HUB team and the Niners. Congrats!

  2. Karen Halstead June 24, 2013

    Congratulations to my second favorite agency!

  3. Midge and John Bresnahan June 25, 2013

    Dear Kathryn, WOW!!! We're so excited for all of you! Excited, but NOT surprised! Love, Your East Coast Fan Club

  4. Kristi June 27, 2013

    Hey DJ- Congratulations! I knew I should have gotten your autograph when we worked together. Looking forward to seeing the new campaign.