More new SF Giants spots


By Egotist / / Agency: Baker Street Advertising CCO: Brian Bacino CD: Bob Dorfman CW: Rob Leon AD: Carrie Ammerman, Sarah Inglis Producer: Brody McHugh Pres: Jack Boland Acct. Director: Caryn Macri AE: Whitney Randolph AAE: Viviana Bustillo-Aruca Production Co. : Dwyer Productions Director: Brian Bacino Exec Producer: Mark Dwyer DP: Cliff Traiman Line Producer: Jeff Kramer Editorial: Ntropic Offline Editor: Jesse Boots Effx Director: Aaron ____ Post producer: Lindsay Adams


  1. Anonymous March 24, 2014

    Credits please.
    Isn’t this

    Credits please.

    Isn’t this supposed to be an industry site? Not posting the credits to the work you feature seems odd. I’m interested in the work, yes. But I’m just as interested in who did it and where it was done.

  2. The San Francisco Egotist March 24, 2014

    We’re searching for them.
    We’re searching for them. Sometimes people send credits to us. Sometimes they don’t.

  3. Anonymous March 24, 2014

    I’m curious who is doing this
    I’m curious who is doing this work too.

    The Giants stuff was good for a while, but seems to be trending down pretty quickly. The “together” thing needs to be put to bed.

    They’ve won enough recently that you could celebrate the quality of the team instead of saying “hey, it’s pretty fun”.

    That it’s presented with all the specialness excitement of a Applebees, and the outcome is also not good.

    When you compare this to “Green Collar” A’s work or even (parts of) the Warriors work – It’s just a wasted opportunity. Too bad.

  4. Anonymous March 24, 2014

    Anonymous haters. Now it
    Anonymous haters. Now it feels like an industry site.

  5. Giant fan March 24, 2014

    Here’s always been the
    Here’s always been the Giants’ thinking:

    Hardcore fans will always come out to games. But they need to attract the non-fan to fill the seats. So instead of advertising the games or the team, they advertise the “ballpark experience”, the food, the give-aways, the chance to sit in the sun and hang out with your friends, etc., etc., etc.

    For real baseball fans, that makes the advertising crap. Because really, who gives a shit about getting some bobble head or cheap t-shirt? And if I’m going to a game, I’m not going to socialize with a bunch of people who don’t like baseball – I’m paying attention to the action on the field.

    But as for putting butts in seats? The current strategy works great. It just doesn’t usually result in great advertising.

  6. The San Francisco Egotist March 25, 2014

    Credits posted.
    Credits posted.

  7. Anonymous March 27, 2014

    This is exactly why a
    This is exactly why a “Creative Director” really shouldn’t be the “director”.

    These are crap.

  8. Anonymous March 27, 2014

    Tough to direct pro athletes
    Tough to direct pro athletes but yeah the director failed miserably. Some of the cheesiest Giants spots in a long time.

  9. Anonymous April 3, 2014