BSSP launches new Sunrun TV campaign.


By Egotist / / After having worked with both Heat and Cutwater, local solar company Sunrun is now out with a new TV campaign from Butler Shine Stern and Partners. BSSP’s two of spots focus heavy on the money savings of going solar – up to 20% – as well as the perception of those who buy into the alternative energy. “Even today, there are a lot of misconceptions about solar power: It’s for hippies. It’s for techies. It’s for the wealthy. It’s complicated. So we figured the best way to debunk those myths was through a series of very natural, and very funny, conversations between two neighbors. The thought being, if we can laugh at the misconceptions, and we can relate to those guys, we can relate to solar power. Because, really, home solar is about being smart and saving money,” explained Josh Leutz, Creative Director at BSSP.

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    Client to HEAT: We've decided to take the creative in a different direction. Client to BSSP: We've decided that we'd like something similar to our current creative but different. You know, spice it up. Give it more punch. More of a WOW factor. This is pretty funny/sad and a big WTF. If I was BSSP I would be fucking embarrassed as shit. BSSP you know better than this, and if this was really the mandate from the client I would have told them to go fuck themselves. I thought you guys had more integrity than that. I guess a paycheck's a paycheck and sometimes you gotta sell your creative soul to pay the harbor side rent.