ARGONAUT Launches Agency’s First Campaign for Credit Karma


By Egotist / / ARGONAUT is launching a new campaign for Credit Karma. They developed the tagline “Get Knowing,” and have their first spot out. ARGONAUT Co-Founder and Co-Chief Creative Officer Hunter Hindman said, “The agency was tasked with exposing Credit Karma’s soul. In getting to know their team and using the site, we learned pretty instantly it’s a company that genuinely wants to help people make the most of their money. When you get under the hood of their product, you find out they offer all kinds of useful tools and personalized recommendations for their members. So, we created a simple but expansive creative platform from which we could spread that message.” ARGONAUT Chief Creative Officer – Hunter Hindman Chief Creative Officer – Rick Condos CEO – Robert Riccardi Head of Strategy – Max Heilbron Head of Brand Management – Katie Miller Head of Production – Topher Lorette Strategy Director – Warwick Heathwood Communications Strategist – Brian Olsen Group Brand Director – Robert Woods Brand Manager – Lauren Martinez Associate Creative Director – Matt Kelsen Associate Creative Director – Zack Fagin Art Director – Jodi Duncan Copywriter – Andy Whalen Producer – Tyler Neely CREDIT KARMA CMO – Greg Lull Senior Director, Creative Strategy – Jamily Knight Executive Producer – Jennifer Thomas Product Marketing Manager – Ya-Hsuan Huang Brand Associate — Kaitlyn Tierney Prod Co – Biscuit Director – Matt Dilmore DP – Bryan Newman Prod Co EP – Rick Jarjoura Line Producer – Carr Donald Music House – Barking Owl Sound Music House Creative Director – Kelly Bayett Music House Producer – Ashley Benton Edit House – Beast Editor – Brian Lagerhausen Edit EP – Jon Ettinger, Tracy Coleman VFX – Allied VFX EP – Lori Joseph, Gordon Wittmann Graphics – Brand New School Graphics HP – Amy Russo

  1. Anonymous May 26, 2017

    underwhelmingly boring, derivative, unfunny and expected.

  2. Blake Bogosian May 26, 2017

    Of course the bullshit ass comment above is anonymous.

  3. Also anonymous, because, who gives a shit. July 7, 2017

    Well, anonymous is right, but yeah, totally should have left a name because...wait, why? So you can track them down and beat them up, Blake? Take it down a notch, bro. It's not a cowardly personal insult which are all too common these days. It's a comment on a TV commercial. And you're not even in the credits. Weirdo.