Droga5 takes 241 years to get to the point.


By / / Droga5 is out with their first spot for Ancestry.com that recreates the signing of the Declaration of Independence using ancestors of the original signers. However the spot takes soooooo looooonnnnngggg to get to the point (54 seconds of a 60-second spot) that we had to force ourselves to watch the whole thing. This doesn’t entice us to try Ancestry.

  1. Anonymous June 29, 2017

    What would have been a
    What would have been a million times better is if they had done supers under each person’s name as they read it. So one woman would have been labeled “Thomas Jefferson” and another “Benjamin Franklin” etc.

    Then they payoff would have been they’re related to these people.

    Right now, it’s just 50+ seconds of no context or reason to watch. At least give it a twist.