Ho-ly shit.


By / / This is literally a few words short of calling for civil war. It’s actually encouraging gun owners to shoot their fellow non-violent protesting citizens. If spokeswoman Dana Loesch was brown and Muslim, the Right would be calling this a terrorist video.

  1. Anonymous July 7, 2017

    What's this a spot for? I finished before I got to the end.

  2. Harry Seeward July 7, 2017

    Non-violent protesting citizens? The ones setting shit on fire, cracking skulls, or the ones destroying innocent people's hard earned places of business, acting like they actually care about anything but themselves? It's a silly commercial with a silly premise for silly paranoid people, but the way you guys talk about this spot is totally libtarded (hey, that's the first time I've found a good use for that word!). A crazy, violent fringe fucko is a crazy, violent fringe fucko, no matter what side they're on. Use your heads, not your leanings.

  3. Anonymous July 8, 2017

    Oh please, to paint all "liberals" with the same brush due to the acts of a few is nothing but willful ignorance and propaganda. The post-election protests were the largest in history and there weren't any major incident of any kind in any city. The NRA however, will lie through their teeth pretending there was.