EVB and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Make a Splash with Massive BART Station Takeover


By Egotist / / For the month of July, the Powell Street BART station takes on an oceanic vibe, as the Monterey Bay Aquarium takes over the entire station with its “Share the Love” campaign by Oakland-based agency EVB. The campaign features more than 200 printed pieces, 40 unique creative elements and 11 unique characters. EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Val Carlson CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Chris Szadkowski SR. COPYWRITER: Kevin Turner SR. ART DIRECTOR: Brian Ho DESIGNER: Danny Yang PRINT PRODUCER: Lauren Elliot PRINT PRODUCTION AGENCY: XYZ DIRECTOR OF STRATEGY: Neeti Newaskar MEDIA STRATEGIST: Cari Weisburger MANAGING DIRECTOR: Kathleen Foutz ACCOUNT SUPERVISOR: Tyson Ringey ACCOUNT MANAGER: John Gilchrist

  1. Anonymous July 13, 2017


  2. Voice of Reason July 14, 2017

    Well played EVB..The copy and design are solid...not the most revolutionary work I've ever seen but I must applaud you on using the Bart station takeover to its full extent. So many times I see these takeovers and the agency only does like 3-4 unique pieces of creative and then it just gets repeated over every surface in the station...it's so monotonous and tiring to look at. You guys took the opportunity and ran with it assaulting our eyeballs with many varied executions on the theme. You put in the work and the result is pretty astounding. Thanks for not taking the easy route.

  3. MINDBLOWN July 19, 2017

    A metro station takeover? Say it ain't so! Ads everywhere that you can buy an ad space! What will they come up with next?