EVB builds cute (and imperfect) robot to sell fruit chews.


By Egotist / / We’ve never heard of Mamba Fruit Chews. But Oakland agency EVB has introduced Mambot, a custom-built, walking, talking, fully-functional robot designed specifically to “Mambafy” things. Imperfect at best (and proud of it), Mambot will connect with fans via Mamba social media channels to not only suggest, but often actually demonstrate, ideas on how to Mambafy the world. To build the Mambot robot itself, EVB enlisted Justin Gray, an Oakland-based inventor and maker specializing in, among other things, designing and building robotic systems. Gray worked for five months under the direction of the EVB creative team to bring Mambot to life. “With the Mambot concept and social media campaign, we had the opportunity to engage with Mamba’s core base of young adults in a manner that feels native to their generation – through a spirit of inventiveness. This generation has grown up interacting with brands by hacking, customizing, collaborating, and the like,” said Neeti Newaskar, head of strategy, EVB. “Tools like community, collaboration and gamification are part of this demographic’s DNA, and with Mambot we are not just sharing in their values around making, but doing so in a clever, interactive and fun way.” “We are in a time where branded content is everywhere, and more brands are trying to connect with customers in an authentic way,” said Mike Sager, brand manager for Mamba. “For Mamba, the spirit of inventiveness was a natural fit, as we have always tried to connect with our consumers in unique and colorful ways, doing things that are out of the ordinary to create a dialogue that our fans naturally want to be a part of.”