barrettSF promotes Byron Wages and Phil Fattore to senior creatives


By Egotist / / barrettSF has promoted Byron Wages to Senior Art Director and Phil Fattore to Senior Copywriter, Founder and Executive Creative Director Jamie Barrett announced today. “We don’t just hand out ‘senior’ titles, you really have to earn it here,” Jamie Barrett said in a statement. “In the past couple years, Byron and Phil have created defining and award-winning work for a number of our clients, from Bleacher Report to Cost Plus World Market to Humboldt Redwood.“ Wages and Fattore are already embracing their more senior roles. Wages has begun taking his dinner at 4:45 PM, and now complains regularly about the newfangled rock music that pipes out of the agency’s Sonos speakers. Fattore has started carrying large amounts of butterscotch hard candy in his pockets, and has traded his signature Nikes for a pair of light beige orthopedic walking shoes. The two can often be found concepting while feeding birds stale bread in the park, and arguing about whether Joe Louis or Rocky Marciano was the better boxer. When asked for comment, both Wages and Fattore were busy yelling at kids to get off their lawns.