Kodak Moments Launches New Premium Photo-Printing Platform


By Egotist / / You have a billion photos on your phone. Do you ever print them? Of course not. It’s a hassle. But now Kodak has a few new ways to help you rediscover those photos and get them up on your wall. “Kodak Moments has always stood for and celebrated the real, authentic moments in life. They are the memories that we hold closest, the ones that tell a story or remind us of an experience,” said Nicki Zongrone, President Kodak Moments Division. “We have developed a full consumer offering that builds on our successful retail photo printing business, designed to give consumers choice about where and how they print and encapsulate their memories simply and quickly.” First there’s the Kodak Moments app, Made for You. It searches images buried in your phone, displaying them on Kodak Moments products. “The app now leverages our unique image science capabilities and is designed to automatically surface your most important memories from within your camera roll on your phone or device,” said David Newhoff, VP Product, Kodak Moments Division. “It’s intuitive, simple and constantly reminds you of your key everyday moments.” Moments Assistant is a Facebook Messenger bot that helps users find important moments buried in their Facebook albums. When you find and share a photo identified by the Moments Assistant, Kodak Moments will give you a free Moments Card that can be mailed anywhere in the continental U.S. SF-based Chapter is handling the national ad campaign. Agency​ ​-​ ​Chapter Neil Robinson – Partner, Creative Director Brandon Kaplan – Partner, Production Gareth Kay – Partner, Strategy Greg Halbreich, Jacob Baas – Writers Jeff Limon – Art director Michael Whitten – Strategy Kodak​ ​Moments Rob Smith – VP, CMO Jennifer Fox – Global Advertising and Marketing Director Film​ ​production​ ​-​ ​DMB David Birkitt – Director Carl Burke – DOP Carlota Ruiz De Velasco – Executive Producer Photography​ ​- Martin Parr team Martin Parr – Photography C/O DMB Represents Louis Little – Photography Assistant to MP Post Production stills: Martin Parr Studio Editing​ ​-​ Trim Editing Paul Hardcastle – Senior Editor Ed Hanbury – Editor Grading​ ​- Time Based Arts Jack McGinty – color Simone – color Sound​ ​Design​ ​- Aumeta Seb Bruen Post​ ​Production​ ​Company:​ ​Gentleman​ ​Scholar Creative Directors – William Campbell & Will Johnson Senior Producer – Tyler Locke Editor – Charley Harvey Assistant Editor – Taylor Schwartz Flame Artist – Federico Saccone 2D Animation – Sam Bachman, Wu Hyun Lew Music​ ​-​ ​Future​ ​Perfect Composer – Victor Margo Composer – John Connolly Composer – Benjamin Pacheco