This Crew Made a Secret Music Video Right Under Their Clients’ Noses


By Egotist / / This video took two years to make. Why? Because it was made from stolen moments between takes on shoots for paying jobs. You’ve got a shit-ton of AV equipment, the crew’s ready to go, but there’s a delay. What do you do? Discreetly lip-sync to a track you’ve already made, where the lyrics describe exactly what you’re doing — making a promo on someone else’s coin. With this premise, they had to play fast and loose with the narrative — aka, there is none — but by God, are these guys having fun. We watched this with an ever-increasing smile on our faces and when the guitar solo drops, we think we pulled a muscle or something. Honestly, watch it whenever you need a dose of awesome. It’s the work of Droptree Productions in Portland, Oregon who’ve worked with brands from Nike to Listerine and JC Penney. We can only guess what their clients will make of this when they see their shoots piggybacked on. But we know who we want to make our next ad with. Download the track here if you dig it.