BSSP Brings In Locals to Promote Mill Valley Film Festival’s 40th Year


By Egotist / / A diverse group of Mill Valley Film Festival goers share some out-of-the-ordinary lessons learned from the variety of films that have opened at the Festival in a series of ads from Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners created to promote this year debut films. “Although we live in a bit of a bubble here in the Bay area, the role of film has always been to inform, inspire and educate—likewise films that have historically been shown at the Mill Valley Film Festival have helped Bay Area filmgoers to break out of their bubble, and see the world, or issues from a different perspective.” explained John Butler, Chief Creative Officer at BSSP and the Director of the MVFF spots. “We wanted to have fun with that idea.” The ads feature all local talent including local improv actors as well as BSSP agency employees, family, friends and clients. Some of the lines were written and others were improvised on the spot. CLIENT: Shelley Spice, Director of Marketing & Publicity, California Film Institute ADVERTISING AGENCY – BSSP CREATIVE TEAM Director: John Butler Associate Creative Director/Writer: Luke Zehner Copywriter: Cameron Murray Copywriter: Patrick French Director of Photography: Jason Apple Sr. Integrated Producer: Fearghal O’Dea Sr. Producer: Dustin Levine Assistant Producer: Emilee Goo Editor: Nico Litonjua Account Supervisor: Danielle Patipa Business Affairs: Angela Edelman POST PRODUCTION Colorist: Bryan Smaller Flame Artist: Patrick Hunsberger Flame Artist: Louis Schachte Mixer: Christopher Forrest TALENT Cabe Thompson Gerald Mclean Channing Clarkson Zev Rubenstein Honour Knudsen Megan Colling Misak Pirinjian Max Lefferts Susan Hough Griffin Butler Kevin Bagley Tom Coates Anjana Kacker Emilee Goo Mark Ruder Danny Chan Imani Payne Erin Ridgeway Lauren Chatman ND Koster Zach Shapiro Sheret Goddard

  1. Voice of Reason October 16, 2017

    None of them are funny. All of them are poorly acted. I'm sure the client had no budget and it sure shows. Not your best work BSSP. Not by a mile.