Duncan Channon Promotes Melissa Ploysophon and Marty Bonacorso to Associate Creative Directors


By Egotist / / Duncan Channon has announced the promotion of Melissa Ploysophon and Marty Bonacorso to associate creative directors. Since joining Duncan Channon in October 2015, Ploysophon and Bonacorso previously collaborated as senior art director and senior copywriter, respectively. “These two couldn’t be more deserving of leadership roles in Duncan Channon’s creative department,” said Executive Creative Director Anne Elisco-Lemme. “Marty and Melissa just see the creative idea. They intuitively know what should stay and what’s extraneous – and how to collaborate with teams to make the work the best it can be. Tellingly, younger creatives have long sought them out for mentorship.” “What’s more, their creative smarts are matched by their client smarts. In an industry where even seasoned creatives struggle to build empathetic relationships with clients, Marty and Melissa have a rare skill in creating trusting connections with clients,” added Elisco-Lemme. Congrats on the hire.