San Francisco underwater!


By Egotist / / Working with nonprofit Climate Access, VR shop Tactic built an app called Look Ahead that reveals what three coastal areas in San Francisco look like today; what they would look like in future with sea level rise on its current trajectory; and what the locations would look like in the future if actions were taken to slow down or stop climate change. Climate Access is partnering with the city of San Francisco on this effort and will be sharing findings to help inform San Francisco’s sea-level rise planning and motivate participation in the climate action programs, including using 100 percent renewable energy. “The app encourages engagement by using immersive visuals to show the effects of climate change, whereas many other ways of messaging don’t put you ‘in’ the scenario the way that VR does,” says Tactic’s President and Principal Creative Technologist Peter Oberdorfer. “We put the user into a future scenario where they can see the effects of unmitigated climate change, and then show them a future with positive change—putting the user in a first person POV is a unique way of allowing them to understand the problem.”