Come to Brussels, where the people are the attraction.


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How do you attract visitors to the wonderful city of Brussels? By highlighting its people. And how do you do that? Thalys and Rosapark set up a “Holobooth” on the Mont des Arts in the heart of Brussels, a futuristic photo booth that was capable of capturing the 360 likeness of a person and rendering a hologram in only 2 minutes. The holograms were then projected onto a stele, creating a giant, 5-meter high silhouette. Written on the stele was “In Brussels, the real monuments are its people”.


Laetitia Deville, Pauline Rémond, Barbara Bruynooghe, David Schoffers, Kim Masselin



Co-founders : Jean-Patrick Chiquiar, Gilles Fichteberg et Jean-François Sacco

ECD : Gilles Fichteberg & Jean-François Sacco

General director : Delphine Drutel
Group account director : Aurore Cornen

Account manager : Camille Hemet

Account executive : Tristan Blondeau

Copywriter : Nicolas Gadesaude

Art director : Julien Saurin

TV producer : Thomas Laurent



Producer : Willy Morrencé

Production director : Lorette Delva 

Director : Julian Nodolwsky

DOP : Nicolas de St Quentin

Post production : Firm 



Director : Yvan Touhami

Account manager : Anthony Damario

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