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BSSP is launching a new campaign today for Rao’s Homemade – the much loved pasta sauce.

Originally born out of the iconic restaurant, it was Frank Pellegrino’s vision to “share his family’s sauces far and wide, and not just those who were lucky enough to dine with them.”

BSSP enlisted opera singer, Michael Amante, who sings (in Italian with an operatic bravado) the best and most genuine reviews found circulating on the internet, with lines like “Girl, if U invite me over to eat pasta, and U use ANY sauce but Rao’s Homemade, hope U got an appetite cuz I ain’t eating any of that. BYE.” and “Pairs well with a nice chianti, poetry, intense expressions of deeply held personal beliefs, and long solitary walks in the woods contemplating the purpose of life. Oh, and garlic bread.”

What a great, fun concept. We’re loving this.

Paul Roberts- Creative Director

Mary Wuensch- Art Director

Erin Ridgeway- Senior Copywriter

Tyler Neely- Producer

Molly Miano- Account Director

Sarah Simonetti- Account Executive

Halsey Stowe- Associate Strategy Director

Madelaine Robinson- Comms Planning Supervisor

Anabel Snow- Comms Planner


Production Company – Doomsday

Director – Alastair McKevitt

EP – Danielle Hinde

EP – Jason Cole


Sound/Mix Co – Mission Film & Design

Sound Engineer  – Joel Raabe, MFD 

Colorist  – Chris Martin, MFD


Music Company – South

EP – Ann Haugen

Producer – Ailbhe Fitzpatrick


Edit House – Cleaver

Editor – Nico Litonjua


Finish – Mark Everson

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