barrettSF Compares Adirondack Chairs to Popsicles for Cost Plus


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barrettSF is launching its third campaign for Cost Plus World Market – “Designed for Summer.” For the OOH, the creative team developed 16 visual concepts that juxtapose individual items from Cost Plus World Market’s outdoor collection with similar-looking summer objects.

“We started concepting in winter, so to get in the right headspace we surrounded ourselves with iconic summer imagery for inspiration,” said Byron Wages, Senior Art Director at barrettSF. “As we did, we noticed a lot of parallels between the colors and shapes of items in the collection, and summer itself. The campaign grew from there.”



Client: CPWM

CMO: Adrian Stevens

Senior Creative Director: Colleen Cavanaugh

Director of Media: Kimberly Gonzales

Stylist: Kristine Nelson

Product Producer: Gina Scrivani

Styling Assistant: Heather VanDoorn

Assistant Product Producer: Angela Scrivani


Agency: barrettSF

Founder/Executive Creative Director: Jamie Barrett

Creative Director: Todd Eisner

Senior Copywriter: Phil Fattore

Senior Art Director: Byron Wages

Designer: Angie Hering 

Founder/Managing Director: Patrick Kelly

Brand Strategist: Kevin Albrecht

Account Director: Molly Warner

Account Supervisor: Lyndsey Dorian

Head of Broadcast Production: Conor Duignan                                                                         

Broadcast Producer: Charlotte Dugoni

Print Producer: Suzee Barrabee


Production Company: Sanctuary

Director: Cole Webley

Executive Producer: Preston Lee

Head of Production: Adam Litt

Line Producer: Noah Thomason


Editorial: Cabin Editing

Managing Partner: Carr Schilling

Post Producer: Liz Lydecker

Editor: Isaac Chen

Assistant Editor: Doug Scott


Sound & Mix: One Union

Sound Engineer: Eben Carr

Music: Hook & Line

Owner/Creative Director: Bryan Senti

Partner/Producer: Abby Diamond

Composer: Alex Schiff

Color: MFD

Managing Director & Partner: Matt Notaro

Producer: Nick Castillo

Colorist: Chris Martin

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  1. The Voice of Reason May 16, 2018

    This concept has been done to death. SFMOMA just did a campaign with this concept a few months ago. Target's done this before too. The tag line is pretty uninspired.."More than affordable" ??? So...their stuff is "Better than cheap" ?? And finally how do the TV spots dovetail with the Outdoor campaign? They have nothing to do with each other. Head scratches all around. Come on Barrett SF thought you were More than Hacks.

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