Camp + King Turns the Energizer Bunny Into Socially Sharable Stickers


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The Energizer Bunny is a pop culture icon known for his unstoppable power and knack for always showing up in unexpected ways. Starting this week, thanks to Camp + King, he shows off a new and stickier side.

Energizer Bunny Stickers debuted on the App Store on May 7th. The free iMessage pack contains six animated and seven static stickers for a range of use in text message conversations. The animated stickers will also be
available for download on GIPHY.

Created by Camp + King, the 13-sticker pack is the brand’s first foray into social sharing. 

Chief Creative Office/Partner: Roger Camp 
Chief Executive Officer/Partner: Jamie King 
Creative Director: Jesse Dillow
Creative Director: Rikesh Lal
Director of Content Production: Stacy McClain
Creative: Evan Burton
Creative: Cameron Twombly
Designer: Jessica Do
Designer: Joey Faccio
Developer: Chris Klink
Animation: Justin Marimon
Brand Director: Melissa Stavish
Brand Supervisor: Roxanne Cobbs
Brand Manager: Ellen Obletz
Associate Strategy Director: Carlisle Hensley

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