TheorySF and Visit Mendocino County Want You to “Find Your Happy”


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TheorySF today announced the launch of their Visit Mendocino County brand campaign. The campaign is the culmination of a significant collaboration between Visit Mendocino County and TheorySF. The campaign consists of a new brand identity, outdoor billboards, bus wraps and signage, taxi tops, digital advertising and shareable videos all driving to a new integrated website.

“Even though Mendocino County is just up 101, Bay Area audiences don’t seem to know about it and tend to continue to frequent their same old locations for their weekend getaways,” said Russell Quinan, Chief Strategy Officer of TheorySF.

TheorySF Chief Creative Officer Chip Sheean adds, “Our goal was to create something nostalgic and visceral that says Mendocino is an incredibly diverse destination that warrants a closer look. We incorporated a retro-fresh, friendly voice with a little wink of humor and a bold identity utilizing an orange key tag and a tagline that invites you to “Find Your Happy.”


  1. John gonegian August 9, 2018

    Killer work!!!

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