Tonight’s your last chance to check out “That Lady Thing.” Seriously – go do it.


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Our bad for not getting this interesting pop-up event to you earlier. That said, if you’ve got time this evening, check out, an experiential event series with a final showing starting at 5:30pm tonight. It’s designed to spark dialogue around gender inequality issues through visual installations. Tickets available to the public for purchase here. Proceeds from the event will benefit The National Women’s Law Center

“That Lady Thing” was developed in creative partnership with San Francisco based advertising agency Eleven, Inc. when the agency’s creative department was asked to come up with a creative idea to celebrate International Women’s Day and shine a light on gender inequality issues.

“That Lady Thing is a pop-up with purpose: an experiential activation that serves up selfies with a side of self-respect”, said Jamie Shaw, Creative Director at Eleven. “We are motivated to close the wage gap, call out gender bias, elevate women to leadership roles, and crush objectification. We are also motivated to drink fancy cocktails and act in a most unladylike fashion. Joking aside though, we exist to raise awareness—and funds—to help address these issues, which remain all too prevalent in society today.” 

“Advertising has a troubled history when it comes to gender equality,” said Michael Borosky, Founder and Executive Creative Director at Eleven. “For many years, the industry perpetuated gender stereotypes. We know sexist stereotypes in advertising are bad for society and bad for business so our industry has a responsibility to take a hard look at these issues and focus on solutions for addressing them. One way to do that is by facilitating creative experiences that bring people together to discuss a


nd learn in new innovative environments like “That Lady Thing”. Fundamentally we love to conceive, make and build things and hope that this experience can be a force of positive change for everyone.”



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