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FCB West, in partnership with Levi’s, has launched a VOTE campaign developed to ensure that eligible voters can exercise their right to vote on November 6. This new movement reminds the world of the power a single vote can hold, and it encourages the public to get informed, get involved, get registered and get out to vote this fall, with the message: “Your vote is the ultimate use of your voice. So use it.”

Launching ahead of National Voter Registration Day on September 25, the campaign kicks off with a national television campaign entitled “Use Your Vote,” created by FCB West. The integrated campaign, consisting of digital and social, features people from around the world unified by one common theme: using their voice, casting their ballots, and participating in their right to stand up and advocate for what they care about – set to the lyrics of Aretha Franklin’s “Think.”

“It’s enormously rewarding to work with a partner like Levi’s who believes in making a stand for important social issues,” said FCB West Chief Creative Officer Karin Onsager-Birch. “This campaign to remind us all of the power we hold with our vote is an urgent plea to not take that right lightly. We hope it inspires others to action as much as it has inspired us. Go vote, folks!”

“Use Your Vote” is just one component of Levi’s comprehensive VOTE campaign spanning TV, limited-edition product, non-profit partnerships and influencer engagement. Levi’s has also joined forces with other companies and national organizations such as Rock the Vote, Patagonia and numerous CEOs in a nonpartisan CEO Challenge called “Time to Vote.” Please visit levi.com/itsyourvote for more information on the complete effort. #RocktheVote #TimeToVote


  1. JimJam September 28, 2018

    Really? The people who need to register are young people… so how the hell is using a song thats over 30 years old supposed to do that? NO disrespect to Aretha cause its a great tune but this is so badly used in this and just very unoriginal.

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