GS&P brings Dali Back to Life


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On the 30th Anniversary of Salvadori Dali’s death,Goodby Silverstein & Partners’ “Dali Lives,” brings Dali back to life via artificial intelligence. Starting in April, visitors to the Dali Museum will have the opportunity to learn more about Dalí’s life and work from the person who knew him best: the artist himself.

Using an artificial intelligence-based technique, the new “Dalí Lives” experience employs machine learning to create a version of Dalí’s likeness, letting visitors interact with a lifelike Salvador Dalí on a series of screens throughout the Museum.

They started by collecting hundreds of interviews, quotes, and existing archival footage from the prolific artist. GS&P used these materials to train an AI algorithm to “learn” aspects of Dalí’s face, then looked for an actor with the same general physical characteristics of Dalí’s body. The AI then generates a version of Dalí’s likeness to match the actor’s face and expressions. It’s basically a super cool use of Deep Fakes for advertising purposes.


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