Conservative homophobia meter spikes again with two new spots.


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We should all thank brands for producing LGBTQ-friendly spots. They make it easier to see who the homophobes are. And based on these two new spots – one from Wal-Mart and one from Cottonelle – we now have some clear ideas. What’s more interesting, Curtis Sparrer, Bospar PR principal, thinks it’s a purposeful strategy.

“It looks like the marketers of both Walmart and Cottonelle were counting on social conservatives’ outrage to drive their business objectives,” said Sparrer.  “Neither video was a traditional broadcast segment, but rather produced for social media.  So conservatives didn’t simply stumble across these segments, but rather they were alerted to them, likely by the companies themselves.”

“There’s a method behind the madness: marketers count on public reaction to their campaigns,” Sparrer continued. “Conservatives can be reliably counted on to provide an immediate reaction to any pro-LGBT storyline, creating a newsworthy controversy for a journalist to cover. That media coverage will not only feature both sides of the controversy but also provide top-of-mind brand recognition that research has found is more effective than traditional advertising. That means social conservatives have become useful tools for marketers and public relations.  As a marketer myself I am loathe to reveal this tactic because social conservatives might get wise and not take the bait the next time a campaign features LGBT people.  However since I’ve been gay longer than I’ve been in marketing I am eager for the day when LGBT people can be featured in media and people will simply react to the spot on the merits of its content.”


  1. The Voice of Reason March 4, 2019

    I totally agree with the commentary on these ads. What’s completely perplexing though is Cottonelle trying to associate meeting your partner’s parents with a clean butt. What does one have to do with the other? I’ve never heard of butt inspection as a normal part of “meeting the parents” whether you’re in a straight, gay, bi, poly, or otherwise relationship. The two things just have nothing to do with each other. Now I get that the anxiety of meeting your significant other’s parents could cause you to shit your pants but it would take more than some squares of Cottonelle to clean that up.

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