Y Media Labs’ designer pens poem for International Women’s Day


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Tomorrow is International Women’s Day, and to celebrate, Sadhvi Konchada, an immigrant designer at Y Media Labs has penned a poem about women’s status quo and challenges us to take action now.

This Friday, Konchada will be debuting her poem titled “Empower Her” to the entire 250+ global staff at YML in a live reading. The poem (see below) — to be commemorated on the walls at the agency’s Silicon Valley headquarters — will be YML’s manifesto for gender parity.

Empower Her
It’s 2019.
The war with patriarchy has lasted centuries,
Across continents.
And the world still fails us.
She and I might have our differences.
The color of my skin,
The language of her words,
The music that makes our bodies sway,
Our childhood memories so unlike.
And yet,
Our struggle so alike.
The world has failed us both.
Every time,
Someone speaks over her,
Every time,
She says “Sorry” before speaking her mind,
Every time,
She’s paid less than she deserves,
The world has failed her.
And me.
Every time,
Her heart beats fast as she walks alone at night,
Every time,
She changes her path to avoid passing a group of men,
The world has failed her.
And me.
Every time,
She’s told what to wear,
What to eat,
What to do,
How to be.
The world has failed her.
And me.
This is just the tip of the iceberg.
Of how the world has failed us.
Yes, you.
Reading this.
Every time, 
You see our struggle and do nothing,
You have failed us both, too.
This is not your fight.
This is not my fight.
This is our fight.
To make the world better.
So listen,
I promise,
To stand with her.
To stand up for her.
To fight for her.
To empower her.
And can I ask,
If I’m in need,
You do the same for me?
Sadhvi Konchada is a UX/UI designer at Y Media Labs. She enjoys telling stories, most times with color and sometimes with words.


  1. A very apt portrayal March 7, 2019

    A very apt portrayal of being woman. The lines resonate to make me feel as to how i can better choice of words, deeds and ideas to be a better man

  2. Mauricio March 7, 2019

    Loved it! Very powerfull

  3. Stephanie March 12, 2019

    Nicely done.

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