Experiential Agency Cogs & Marvel Leads Design For Gender Equality Installation That Lady Thing


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You may remember last July’s experiential art installation, That Lady Thing. Well it returned March 8 – 10 in celebration of International Women’s Day, featuring new exhibits by experiential agency Cogs & Marvel and their Creative Director Jamie Shaw.

A few of the new interactive experiences, performances, and Instagram-ready installations:

The Lady Tarot: A life-sized tarot card-themed photo opp with new feminist archetypes
Raise Her Up: the power seesaw selfie
Smells Like Toxic Masculinity: a custom scratch & sniff wallpaper

Of course they kept classics like:
The Sea of Objectification: last session’s popular breast-themed ball pit
The Wage Gap Money Grab: a socially conscious twist on a money-grabbing game show classic

“This idea was created to bring attention to these issues, but with this activation, you’ll see us continuing to add more content and collaborators – performers, activists, female founders,” Shaw explains. “We’re looking to set the stage and turn this into a larger content platform that can grow and showcase work from women artists, bringing together voices from around the nation.”


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