AI copy performs better than shitty human copy.


By thesanfranciscoegotist / /

Everyone’s freaking the fuck out over Ad Age’s recent article discussing how Chase Bank is now using Artificial Intelligence-created copy instead of human-created copy because it performs better. One example was:

“Access cash from the equity in your home.” versus “It’s true—You can unlock cash from the equity in your home.” The second, better performing copy was written by the AI from a company called Persado.

But here’s an idea: Instead of getting excited about F copy being beaten out by computer-generated D- copy, how about we just write A+ copy and call it a day? If the bar you’re trying to clear is “Can we beat the most boring, shitty human copy we can write,” then you’ll be a winner. But a brand’s goal shouldn’t be that. It should be engaging, relevant, creative, compelling copy that treats consumers like people and not some random metric.


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