Funworks Inspires Healthy Lifestyle With Animations for Raley’s Markets


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Family-owned Raley’s Markets is focused on offering customers education and transparency when they are making their grocery purchases. In an effort to educate customers about products and packaged food labels, they developed Raley’s Shelf Guide — a system of icons both on the shelf and online to help customers make more informed decisions. To help get the word out about the updated system, Raley’s partnered with Funworks for a campaign that puts a fun and engaging twist on nutritional health.

Funworks developed 23 special icons and worked with animation studio Lobster to bring the guide to life. Several of the new illustrated icons were also turned into a 30-second video and eight 15-second clips.

“With so many icons, we realized that we needed to create something that would demand attention and draw people to the Shelf Guide,” explains Funworks CCO Craig Mangan. “It also had to be easily understandable and kind of fun. That’s when we decided to come up with real personalities for the products themselves — turning the icons into characters and bringing them to life in an entertaining way.”

While recently launched, the effort has already been embraced by the local communities. Mangan continues, “It really goes to show you that, with the right message, you can really inspire anyone to be conscious and enthusiastic about their own health. It also demonstrates how far you can go when a brand like Raley’s takes steps to show that it really cares about its customers.”

Client: Raley’s
Campaign: Raley’s Shelf Guide
Spot Title(s): Raley’s Shelf Guide
Raley’s Shelf Guide – Nutrient Dense
Raley’s Shelf Guide – Gut Health
Raley’s Shelf Guide – Carb Friendly
Raley’s Shelf Guide – No Added Sugar
Raley’s Shelf Guide – Clean Label
Raley’s Shelf Guide – Meat as First Ingredient
Raley’s Shelf Guide – No Added Fragrance
Raley’s Shelf Guide – Paraben Free
Air Date: 7/8/19
Placement: Social, Web, OTT Digital (Hulu)

Agency: Funworks
CD: Craig Mangan
Producer: Andrea Bustabade
Art Director: Tanny Tan
Art Director: Maggie Bradshaw
Copywriter: Kevin Turner
Account Director: Claire Crozier
Account Manager: Jodi Naglie

Illustrator Company: Lobster Animation
Illustrator and Animators: Fausto Montanari and Nikolay Ivanov

VFX Studio: M Squared Production
VFX Artist: Phillip Lantz
Producer: Sara Benedict

Music & Sound: Singing Serpent “Rich Parrots”
Composer: Jason Begin


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