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On the heels of Women’s Equality Day, a team of mixed race women creatives recently put unsung female heroes of women’s equality (and specifically the suffrage movement) in the spotlight.  Hailing from creative studio Bonfire Labs, the San Francisco group concepted and executed a guerilla-style campaign where baseball card-like images of forgotten suffragettes and women’s rights advocates (mostly women of color, but with one shout out to Marlene Dietrich) were AirDropped to random people’s mobile phones.  
Each image was accompanied by biographical descriptions of a particular woman, highlighting her background and contribution to women’s voting and equality.  The AirDrop itself came with the tag “Do you know these women?” as enticement to accept and open the picture file.
The effort gives a nod to how (intentional or not) even women’s suffrage has been whitewashed by history, with its almost exclusive focus on caucasian women. By using the anonymous delivery of about 200 AirDrops, it helped give voice to these anonymous, but hopefully not forgotten women of the movement. 

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