ARGONAUT wants us to turn to the nerds again.


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ARGONAUT is out with 3 new spots for Nerd Wallet. They build on their “Turn to the nerds!” campaign that’s been running for a while now.

ARGONAUT Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Hunter Hindman, said, “We’re really proud of where we’ve taken the “Turn to the Nerds” platform over the last year and the “Money Questions” work is some of our best yet. It’s overwhelming for people to know where to go with their money questions. With this campaign, we have been able to distill all of what NerdWallet does down to a simple, compelling human benefit that can live seamlessly across both NerdWallet products as well as our varied media touch points.”



Client: NerdWallet

CMO: Kelly Gillease

Director of Brand Marketing: Alison McGlone

Brand Marketing Manager: Erin Albertson

Associate Brand Marketing Manager: Vivian Chen

NerdWallet Creative Director: Rob Nikzad

NerdWallet Head of Copy: Christina Cartal



Chief Creative Officer:  Hunter Hindman

Group Creative Director: Rob Calabro

Copy Writer: Chris Kessler

Art Director: Sean Grimes

Creative Director: Ryan McLaughlin

Copy Writer: Austin White         

Producer: Mark Tobin                                              

Producer: Daniel Odishoo

Group Brand Director: Rebecca Kallman

Brand Manager: Lindsay Igoe

Brand Manager: Chris Remy


Directors Bureau

Director:  Sam Holst

Cinematography:  Nigel Bluck

Production Company: The Directors Bureau

MD/Executive Producer: Lisa Margulis

EP/Head of Production: Elizabeth Minzes

Line Producer: Kali Niemann


Cut+Run SF

Editor | Pete Koob

Assistant Editor | Lori Arden

Producer | Cassandra Guardado

Executive Producer | Deanne Mehling


Jogger SF

Creative Director | Andy Brown

Flame Artist | Matt Trivan

Online Producer | Caylee Banz

Executive Producer | Deanne Mehling


Roger Credit List:

Executive Creative Director: Terence Lee

Executive Producer:  Josh Libitsky

Head of Production:  Liz Catullo

Director of Business Development:  Anne Pendola

Producer:  Fayna Sanchez

Designers:  Tina Hung, Kevin Jan

2D Animators:  Tina Hung, Kevin Jan, Jeremie Carreon


Director: Mishka Kornai

Cinematography:  Galo Olivares

Production Company:

Executive Producer: Jerad Anderson

Head of Production: Matt Griffo

Line Producer: Mark Conley


Production Service Company (Mexico City):  Tonic


Editorial: Beast SF

Editor: Tim Brooks

Assistant Editor: Jed Stuber

Colorist/Flame Artist: Dave Burghardt

Executive Producer:  Tracy Coleman


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