Ruh-ro… looks like Hims’ got caught (allegedly) ripping off Roman


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We’ve only heard one half of this story, but it looks pretty bad. The co-founder of men’s health startup Roman has written a cheeky Medium post outlining all the ways his competitor, Hims’, ripped off their website.

Founder Zachariah Reitano shows example after example of how Hims’ copied their site – even going as far as using the exact same stock photos in places.

“Recently, Hims debuted a brand new digital doctor’s visit. Look familiar? If you’ve ever seen Roman’s online visit, it should” Zach wrote.

Hims’ is backed by nearly $200 million in startup funding. Looks like a chunk of that will be going to lawyers.


  1. Bob Tuply September 12, 2019

    Hims should be embarrassed and ashamed.

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