VB&P’s mini SxSW-meets-TEDxstyle conference called NxNB – going on now!


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Have you been following VB&P’s mini SxSW-meets-TEDxstyle conference called NxNB (North by North Bay)? Held at the Venables offices and featuring both internal and external talent, each day consists of 1-2 keynote speakers and 1-2 sessions led by internal speakers in between the keynote(s).

Yesterday featured:

• Ivan Cash, Founder of Cash Studios and award-winning interactive artist and director, kicked off the day by discussing the importance of human connection in a digital era, emphasizing the impact small acts of humanity can have, such as writing letters or talking to fellow passengers on a plane.

• Dylan Phillips, Sr. Strategist at VB+P, discussed storytelling in the lens of comic book creation, namely, the opportunity for imagination and interpretation in the white spaces between comic panels.

• Brian Longtin, Group Strategy Director at VB+P, held a session highlighting the importance small ideas, providing examples of how small ideas become big, award winning campaigns along with tips and tricks on how to make ideas sharper.

• Meghan Tetwiler and professional dance instructor Devi Hadsell lead a hip hop dance class to teach attendees how moving the body is essential to doing our best and most creative thinking.

• Matt Rivitz, Founder of Sleeping Giants, showcased his groundbreaking and award-winning work to make bigotry and sexism less profitable for advertisers. 

Today is:

1-2PM – Project #Show Us & Shattering Beauty Stereotypes with John Antoniello and Jen Berry

2-3PM – Battle Decks and What Do You Meme with John Principe

3-4PM – Story Selling + Story Telling = Killer Combo! with Meghan Tetwiler

& Special Guest AND The Ethics of Design by Juanita Londono

4-5PM – Performance by Thunderstorm and Dim Sum Happy Hour

And Friday features:

10-11PM – Breakfast & Ping Pong Finals

11AM-12PM – When & How to Make Your Brand Political by Latia Curry

12-12:30 – Pizza Friday and Performance by Embering

12:30-1:30PM – #StarringJohnCho & Diversity and Inclusion in Film with

William Yu

1:30-3PM – Psymunki’s Lifepixel with GMunk

They’re even live-streaming some of the talks. We’ll post links in the comments for you to follow along.


  1. thesanfranciscoegotist September 12, 2019

    Here’s the link to today’s livestream. Enjoy!


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