Goodby and SF’s newest gem


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Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GS&P) announced that it has been hired by the Golden State Warriors and Chase Center to introduce the awesome new arena to the Bay Area. The campaign “Never Stop Chasing” includes a BART station domination at the Embarcadero that runs through November 24.

“GS&P has been an incredible partner since being onboarded four years ago. We’re excited about Chase Center’s opening, and think the campaign does a great job showcasing the amazing and diverse experiences coming to Chase Center, as well as the unavoidable thrilling energy you get when visiting the building,” said Amanda Chin, VP of brand marketing for the Golden State Warriors.

“We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to build momentum around the new Chase Center,” said Adam Reeves, director of innovation at GS&P. “This new campaign illustrates the breadth of entertainment the arena will host, from sports to music to comedy—which will make this city even more of a destination than it is currently.”

GSP’s Chase Center assignment adds to the four-year relationship they’ve had with the Warriors. (We’re sure you remember the “Strength in Numbers” campaign).



  1. The Voice of Reason September 24, 2019

    When you luck out and the name of the building is a verb you milk that verb for all it’s worth for your brand campaign. Not such an easy task if let’s say Wells Fargo had sponsored the arena. “Never Stop Wells Fargoing Greatness” just doesn’t have the same ring. Way to milk that gift Goodby!

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