ARGONAUT breaks new spots for Cricket Wireless


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You’ve likely seen the Cricket Wireless characters – they’ve been a staple of the brand for a while now. Argonaut has just launched some new spots featuring the colorful… uh… things. The :15s are below. :30s to come soon.



Client: Cricket Wireless

Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer: Tiffany Baehman

Assistant Vice President – Brand, Media, Advertising: Cindy Rozier 

Lead Advertising Manager: Heather Sheets

Lead Advertising Manager: Carter Robinson

Lead Advertising Manager: Erin Bishop

Lead Advertising Manager: Staci Lell

Senior Brand Manager: L’Anda Johnson


Agency: ARGONAUT San Francisco

Chief Creative Officer: Hunter Hindman

Group Creative Director: Eric Cosper

Design Director: Angie McDonald

Associate Creative Director: Brittany Rivera

Associate Creative Director: Jacque Vavroch

Senior Copywriter: Kinzie Buckley

Art Director: Joe Nemac

Copywriter: Sarah Sutton

Designer: Matthew Ta

Junior Art Director: Mica Dieterich

Managing Director: JT Pierce

Group Brand Director: Michael Ton

Brand Supervisor: Lindsay Igoe, Chris Remy

Brand Manager: Katherine Berchtold

Assistant Brand Manager: Kendall Richardson, Alexander Richards

Head of Strategy: Alan Stout, Brian Olsen

Research Director: Dharnesh Kaur

Head of Production: Jon Drawbaugh

Executive Producer: Erin Fox, Jeremy Arth

Senior Broadcast Producer: Bill Spangler

Senior Print Producer: Nelson Lusse

Senior Digital Producer: Dora Lee

Junior Producer: Francis Miles

Director Production Business Affairs: Linda Casson


PRODUCTION – Prettybird

Director: Paul Hunter 

Co-Founder/Executive Producer: Kerstin Emhoff

Line Producer: Julie Sawyer 

Executive Producer: Suzanne Hargrove

Director of Photography: Don Davis 

Head of Production: Rika Osenberg

Production Designer: Justin Dragonas

1st AD: Michael Kahn



Executive Producer: Jon Ettinger

Post Producer: Vickie Sornslip

Editor: Doug Walker

Assistant Editor: Cameron Maidenberg



Colorist: Siggy Ferstl

Producer: Matt Moran


AUDIO – Barking Owl

Creative Director: Kelly Bayett

Senior Producer: Hannah Alter

Sound Design / SFX: Morgan Johnson

Audio Engineer: AJ Murillo



Flame Artist: Brandon Sanders

Director of Animation: Jack Anderson

Post Producer: Brian Butcher

VFX Supervisor: Aldrich Torres

Assitant Producer: Codey Lombardi 

Lighter: Andrew Rasmussen, Todd Kumpf, Aldrich Torres, Ryan Taylor, Will Moody, Brian Lesiangi

3D Animator: Will Kistler, Matt Connolly, Doug Rappin

2D supervisor: Lane Jolly

Compositing lead: Brendan Smith

Compositor: James Aguilar, Krystall Chinn, Tylor Engle, Lane Jolly, Brendan Smith, Danny Song, Tingting Li, Kevin Kim

VFX: James Atkinson, Stefano Gioretti, Christina Camacho

Rigger: Nelio Naut, John Bloch, Ohad Bracha

Tech Anim: John Bloch


  1. The Voice Of Reason October 28, 2019

    Who’s the target market for these spots? 10-year-olds with a penchant for imaginary friends and looking to get their first cell phone plan??

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