This Goodby spot is so damn great, we’re posting during vacation.


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We sent the Egotist crew home at mid day on Wednesday, not to return until Monday. But damn if this Xfinity spot by Goodby Silverstein & Partners didn’t make us take a quick break from the holidays. We’re trying to think of a commercial we’ve loved more this year and can’t come up with anything.

This work makes us thankful we work in advertising.


  1. The Voice of Reason December 1, 2019

    Not trying to be a scrooge but I’m sure it will come across that way…. This spot is the ultimate in borrowed interest and has a weak product tie-in. Apple’s new holiday iPad spot does a much better job at conveying real emotions across a range of family members and doesn’t rely on an ancient movie franchise to do the heavy lifting of storytelling. Kudos the teams who put both spots together but using the return of E.T. to pull at the heartstrings seems a bit easy conceptually.

    Holiday iPad Spot:

  2. creativedirectormatt

    creativedirectormatt December 2, 2019

    I don’t know. The idea of “reconnecting for the holidays” makes sense from Xfinity – and can you imagine a better reconnection than 37 years after E.T.? Both this and the Apple ad play on nostalgia. Apple is personal nostalgia. This one is cinematic nostalgia. I’m good with both. This spot made me happy. That’s usually a pretty tall order.

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