Sea Shepherd hacks Christmas to spread message about overconsumption


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The Christmas countdown has begun and shoppers are getting into the present-hunting rush. But what they don’t always take into account is overconsumption and its increasingly drastic effects on our environment. Plastics, deforestation, transport, this time of year has a detrimental impact on our planet. To call attention to the suffering marine animals face due to overconsumption, Sea Shepherd and agency Braaxe decided to remake the classic game ‘Operation’. Introducing ‘Operation Ocean’, where players must save a dolphin threatened by ocean waste. 

“Ecological issues are such that, in a very short time, no brand will be able to ignore its role and, even more, won’t be able to communicate in the same way as before. Our collaboration with Sea Shepherd is a step in this direction. We share the association’s struggles, its ability to do hard, to act with a punch and to dare. ” said Clément Bouton of Braaxe.


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