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Cannabis-infused beverage Keef has debuted a rebranded image, including new logo, product names, lettering and labeling. The new look is being introduced on the company’s signature beverage lines in Colorado and California and will be showcased on their full product portfolio (including edibles, concentrates and more) by early 2020 — coinciding with the company’s 10-year anniversary.

The rebranding was conceptualized and designed by the Oakland-based Evolution Bureau. Keeping with the history of Keef Brands – started by Boulder, CO brothers looking to fill the void in the edibles market by creating THC infused drinks inspired by classic beverages — the logo and overall aesthetic of the branding has been redesigned “to portray Keef’s bold, playful and distinct identity in an appealing way to new cannabis consumers, while still preserving the brand’s deep heritage and making it recognizable to existing loyal fans.”

Readability was also key to combat certain challenges in the evolving cannabis market. Many retailers stock beverages in refrigerators behind the counter, so new labels were designed to stand out from a distance. In addition, the use of custom illustrations to represent each of the brand categories gives each variety a distinct look and tells a unique story.

Ultimately, the new packaging epitomizes Keef Brands’ mission since its inception: to blend the fun, social and celebratory experiences of drinking with the magic and joy of cannabis, inviting everyone — from the seasoned to the newbie — to join Keef Brands in raising their glasses. 


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