Noise 13’s Ocean-Inspired Packaging for H2O+


By thesanfranciscoegotist / /

We LOVE getting submissions from design firms that showcase great packaging. (Yes, we’re dorks like that.) Case in point: San Francisco creative agency Noise 13 just created new ocean-inspired packaging for H2O+ to help this body brand break out from all the white minimalism you see on the shelf these days. 

Noise 13 actually did some research that showed most brands in this niche use bright white packaging. It’s minimal and elegant; it looks crisp and expensive. But, it all blends together when placed side-by-side on shelves, and the lighter blues H2O+ had been using on previous packaging got lost in that glare. To help them standout and evoke the products’ claim to deliver “deeper hydration and moisture retention,” Noise 13 explored the ocean’s deepest depths—where light barely penetrates. The rich, almost black, midnight blue became the canvas upon which the brighter colors of the extended palette can pop. 

The full project scope included revamped identity, packaging, brand standards and illustration.


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