Cookbook from international ad community cooks up quarantine-safe travel


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To show that food is better when shared (even in the middle of a pandemic), two SF-based freelance creatives created an international quarantine cookbook with recipes, photos, and stories from people in advertising around the world.

The passion project, Travel During Quarantine, uses food to connect the global ad community over the rich cultural diversity in adland when physical travel is impossible. The Instagram account features submissions from people in advertising that pay homage to where they grew up. Each post combines an authentic recipe with a story about the culinary creation that reveals something special about the city or country’s culture, helping people get a taste of travel through food.

Created by Amy Char and Pupé Achavakulthep, Travel During Quarantine’s recipes and stories show that it’s still possible to visit other countries and connect with each other from our kitchens. The project already features food from twenty different countries on six continents, with submissions from ad school students to group creative directors.

Follow the project on Instagram and submit your own recipe.


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