Noise 13 Rebrands Wellness Company OM


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San Francisco design agency Noise 13 is out with a nice redesign for wellness brand OM. They’re calling the revamped packaging—from cannabis-infused Epsom salts and elixirs to balms and beyond—”high-end Zen meets modern medicine. Noise 13 worked with OM to add a touch of luxury to the brand, both in design and consistency. It also acts as a foundation for additional products to be added down the road.

“Since the founder, Maya Elisabeth, is apparently big into the spiritual meaning of the Sri Yantra, the interlocking triangles represent the cosmos and the human body, which parallels the entheogenic properties of the cannabis plant,” their press release said.

The rest of the packaging system design minimal and clean. Noise 13 removed the crown from the logomark in a technical effort to make the brand more legible at small sizes, and to maximize the amount of space it could take up without skewing the information hierarchy of the packaging. They also slightly increased the vibrancy of the color palette to reflect “the energy and passion that OM puts into its products.”


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