1606 Studio Cuts Bed Bath and Beyond “Home is Everything” Campaign for Evolution Bureau


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Despite the pandemic, work goes on! Case in point: 1606 Studio editors Brandy Troxler and Brian Lagerhausen worked with Evolution Bureau to cut the “Home is Everything” campaign for Bed Bath & Beyond. The campaign was shot in the homes of a diverse set of cinematographers during the early days of shelter-in-place. It includes numerous spots for tv, web and social. The films are about the importance of home—and how Bed Bath & Beyond can make it a little better.

Editors: Brandy Troxler & Brian Lagerhausen
EP: Jon Ettinger
HOP: Vickie Sornsilp
AE: Will Dwyer

Agency: Evolution Bureau
CCO: John Reid
COO: James Gassel
AD: Zach Morrison
CD: Diana Chen
CW: John Hickey
PM: Erika Reinsel
Associate Producer: Ken Hirata-Rivera
Producer: Debbie Chin

Directors: Aundre Larrow, Tyler Manson, Paul Octavious, Rennie Solis,
Doug Walker, Lisa Weatherbee, Peter Yang

Color & Finish: Matt Trivan
Motion Graphics: Tom Yaniv
Mix: Mark Pitchford M Squared


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