Duncan Channon and SweeTARTS want Gen Z to “Be Both”


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Check out SweeTARTS new national TV spot ‘Library,’ by Duncan Channon. The spot extends their 2019 ‘Be Both’ brand campaign that celebrates its shared value with Gen Z of being ‘more than one thing.’

“SweeTARTS’ brand DNA is all about being more than one thing, and we know that Gen Z target is a generation defined by their multi-dimensionality as well,” said Ashley Incarnato, senior brand manager, SweeTARTS. “Be Both has been a platform that’s allowed us to be leaders in reaching Gen Z by authentically connecting our brand’s values with our consumers’ values. We’re thrilled that ‘Be Both’ has worked so hard in driving both sales and relevance among our target over the past year.”

“What we love about ‘Be Both’ as a platform for SweeTARTS is that it’s sparked so many different activations that tap both cultural and brand truths,” said John Kovacevich. “Our new spots bring ‘Be Both’ to life in a way that was inspired by the social sentiment we saw online from fans – people are fanatical about their favorite SweeTARTS. So we leaned into that passion and asked a simple question: Why choose a candy that’s just one thing when you can have both with SweeTARTS?”


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