Local CD reminds us “We can’t have Pride unless we’re proud of all of us.”


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Joe Sayaman, a CD/copywriter in San Francisco, and a gay, Filipino, first-generation immigrant, wanted to do something to commemorate a historic Pride Month.

“I recognized that LGBTQ+ Pride and true progress in our community means nothing if it doesn’t recognize the struggles of other minorities that intersect with ours, especially those within our own rainbow circle — be it trans, black, indigenous, immigrant, refugees, HIV-positive, or differently-abled people,” he told us.

So Joe created a series of social posts, each representing a minority within a minority, who often feel unseen. Each post ties to a mix of local and national orgs doing vital work.

“To make our community stronger, so that we continue to make strides towards true and full equality, we must all confront the racism and discrimination within the LGBTQ community. And those of us with privilege need to see, speak and fight for those who still struggle every day.”


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