Meet your newest SF agency – ARGONAUT.


By Egotist / / There’s a new agency in town – ARGONAUT. It includes ECD team Rick Condos and Hunter Hindman from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners along with group strategist, Max Heilbron, founder of Eleven and former president of, Jordan Warren and creative technologist, Robbie Whiting. “We’ve created ARGONAUT to help clients tackle their increasingly complex business problems, not just their advertising,” said Jordan Warren, President. “Starting with a clean slate freed us up to re-think the kind of talent to assemble, and how best to have them work together to solve these unique challenges. With the backing of Project: WorldWide, a global holding company that shares our independent spirit, we’ll also be able to scale quickly to service these clients.” Check out their website and a nice piece mentioning them in the NY Times.