New Made to Save Campaign by Mekanism


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The new “Made to Save” campaign from non-profit Civic Nation was created by Mekanism alongside the Creative Alliance, a group of creative agencies, platforms, producers, and influencers. This new campaign, titled “Carla,” was inspired by this New York Times article that shares the heroic story of Carla Brown, a nurse in Baton Rouge, LA who is on a mission to vaccinate members of her community  that have been hesitant to receive the vaccine. Mekanism and the Creative Alliance share Civic Nation’s COVID-19 vaccination mission through nurse Carla’s journey, taking a much more emotional approach than the previous Made to Save campaign

While the approach is different, the goal is the same. This campaign continues to build off of the original insights from the Pew Research Center where about 39% of Americans are skeptical of getting the COVID-19 vaccine. The Creative Alliance and Civic Nation are diligently working to specifically target that percentage of our population that has hesitations; especially within the BIPOC and Latinx/Hispanic communities, which have been disproportionately affected by the devastating virus. 

The campaign is running on digital and social channels indefinitely.


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