Mekanism reminds everyone, “It’s on us” when it comes to sexual assaults.


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As students get ready to go back to campus for the first time in over a year, experts believe there will be an uptick in sexual assault in what is considered to be a perfect storm of those experiencing campus life for the first time and older students wanting to make up for lost time.

To combat this,  It’s On Us, the nation’s largest nonprofit program dedicated to college sexual assault prevention and survivor support, and Mekanism, have created a Back to School campaign to build awareness of bystander intervention education tactics.

Launching today, the Back to School campaign includes a video PSA narrated by Tony Hawk, as well as a real-world campaign extension. Mekanism worked with local It’s On Us campus chapters to distribute thousands of QR code stickers to be placed on party cups to campuses across the country. Scanning the QR codes leads users to “The Bystander’s Guide To Stopping Sexual Assault,” a resource that informs students about the different ways to intervene and stop sexual assault.


Campaign Credits

Brand Team: It’s On Us, Civic Nation

Executive Director: Tracey Vitchers

Senior Director of Educational Programs & Research: Silvia Zenteno

Associate Director of Campus Organizing: Maeve Sheridan

Associate Director of Trainings: Adrianna Branin 


Executive Director, Creative Alliance: Rana Kardestuncer

Director, Creative Alliance: Jessica Salinas

Director, Creative Alliance Entertainment & Culture: Jade Bernad 


Creative Agency: Mekanism

Co-Founder & CEO: Jason Harris 

Senior Art Director: Antonia Orol-Berlinger

Senior Copywriter: Alex Lee 

Brand Director: McKenzie Badger 

Chief Strategy Officer, East: Ambika Pai 

Senior Strategist: Maya Goldberg 

Director of Project Management: Sean Gilleylen

Producer: Jay Chase


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