Mekanism shows us the magic inside the Level smart lock.


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Here’s a fun, eye-catching new spot by Mekanism for Level smart locks. It’s quite a departure from the usual smart lock advertising which just demonstrates feature after feature in (mostly boring) ways.

Tommy Means, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer at Mekanism said, “during the pandemic, consumers have thrust their creative energy into reimagining their living spaces with more intention. Level’s first brand campaign reinforces the idea that the smart lock category can aspire for more than mere functionality. This campaign calls attention to Level lock’s magic on the inside, seamlessly welcoming you to the magic inside your home. ” 

Campaign Credits

Brand Team: Level

Founder & CEO: John Martin

Founder & CTO: Ken Goto

Director of Marketing: Alyssa Berman-Waugh


Creative Agency: Mekanism

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer: Tommy Means 

Creative Director: Amina Halim

Design Director: Tessa Paneri

Jr. Art Director: Ingrid Oliveria

Project Manager: Lena Correia 


Chief Operating Officer: Mike Zlatoper

Managing Director: Kirby Brooks Todd

Brand Director: Kristin Takahashi

Group Strategy Director: Sonal Narain


Head of Media: Carrie Dino 

Director of Analytics: Juan Pacheco 

Associate Media Director: Colin Howard

Senior Media Planner: Sophie Lippold 


Director of Production & Business Affairs: Kati Haberstock 

Producer: Veronica Fontaine


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