Mekanism and some NFL all-timers sit down for breakfast with Quaker Oats.


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The Quaker Oats Company and Mekanism have teamed up to launch their first campaign, “Good Call,” featuring former NFL greats Drew Brees, Jerry Rice, and Jerome Bettis.

In summing up the spot, Ian Kovalik, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer at Mekanism said “Drew Brees, Jerry Rice and Jerome Bettis all sit down to breakfast. The Quaker brand is at the center of it all, and it’s the perfect premise to remind us that Quaker Oats are a trusted choice. Throw in a family of referees, and we add a fun element of authority. And finally, they make a ‘good call’. It’s a refreshing and unexpected twist on the Great American tradition of gathering around the table for a nourishing breakfast.” 


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