“The Brain’s Last Stand,” featuring Garry Kasparov by BSSP.


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Here’s some cool new work coming out of Blizzard’s Hearthstone and Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners (BSSP). It’s a new mini-documentary, “The Brain’s Last Stand,” featuring Chess Grandmaster and former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov. 

The documentary follows the chess champion’s journey as he prepares for a different kind of showcase match. Over the course of a few weeks, the film shows Kasparov being taught the game by the Hearthstone team, as he learns the strategies to give him the confidence to become a competitive player. 

The brand tapped agency partner BSSP to shape the narrative around this game to help appeal to new players outside the core audience, resulting in the ideation and creation of this documentary. The agency brought on filmmaker Lance Oppenheim (director of the lauded documentary, Some Kind of Heaven) to shoot the film. Targeting new users, the documentary is now live on Hearthstone’s official YouTube Channel.  

Kasparov’s battle against the A.I. was iconic,” said Sinan Dagli, BSSP’s Executive Creative Director. “We wanted to make sure we told the tales of the match in 1997 and set the scene for Garry’s new challenge in Hearthstone. The documentary approach gave us the freedom to show Kasparov’s incredible journey of learning Hearthstone and going up against A.I. once again.”

Creative Credits:


Sinan Dagli – Executive Creative Director

Ed Patterson – Creative Director

Jeff Hornung – Creative Director

Justin Hargraves – Creative Director

Will Sands – Associate Creative Director

Robison Mattei – Associate Creative Director

AJ Marino – Account Director

Gustavo Feria – Account Executive

Shelby Deffterios – Creative Project Manager

Chrissy Wamsher – Senior Producer

Tess Rockers – Senior Producer

Liz Corsini – Head of Production


m ss ng p eces

Lance Oppenheim – Director

Paul Papanek – Producer

Matthew Clegg – Cinematographer


Blizzard Marketing Team

Fernando Machado – Chief Marketing Officer

Pelle Sjoenell – Chief Creative Officer

Walter Kong – Executive Producer

Todd Harvey – Head of Marketing

Matt Small – VP, Global Consumer & Digital Marketing

Kasim Zorlu – VP, Mobile User Acquisition

Marcella Ziccarelli – Consumer Marketing Manager

Rachel van Essen – Associate Consumer Marketing Manager

Blair Brzeski – Director Global Growth Strategy

Nathan Lyons-Smith – Production Director, Hearthstone

Noah Eve – Director Global Media Activation

Philip Vanichviroon – Senior SEM Specialist

Koosha Diba – Manager Global Media Activation

Shelina Kurwa – Associate Counsel

Lara Tran – Senior Producer

Meaghan de Wolf – Associate Marketing Manager

Melissa Smith – Brand Manager

Dana Abeln – Digital Marketing Manager

Ajay Ravi – Senior Marketing Manager

Josh Kerwin – Senior Director, Publishing

Scott Conway – Senior Brand Manager

Alex Bujold – Sr. Growth Marketing Strategist

Andrew Reynolds – Senior Director, Corporate Communications

Drew Elliot – Director, Digital Marketing 

Fabio Lo Zito – Public Relations Manager

Kurt Ocher – Manager, Community Development

Cristiano Alburitel – Global Director, Consumer Marketing


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